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While golf sometimes gets a bad rap as a sport that doesn’t require much physical fitness, a golf swing is an incredibly intense and dynamic motion that can place a lot of stress on the body. For this reason, it’s not unusual to see golfers of all levels seeking out physiotherapy that will help to improve mobility, strength & power, consequently this will improve performance and prevent injury.

Take the opportunity to work on improving your golf game. Often, restricted movements in the shoulder, spine, or hip mean that you cannot execute your golf swing 100%. This may result in a loss of distance and unwanted deviation of the ball.


Through targeted, personalised physiotherapy assessment, we can further develop your strengths and minimise your weaknesses so that you can see a positive change on the golf course. After a personal consultation and a detailed check of your physical health, you will receive your individual training plan under our supervision.

Our services in the physiotherapy programme for golfers include the following:

Analyse - analysis of your posture, functional movement, joint range of motion, muscle strength. We will audit previous injuries this can help highlight weakness that may cause restricted movement. This analysis will also provide invaluable information to use during the rehabilitation stage and for strength and conditioning programmes.​

Treatment - A chartered physiotherapist can treat a wide variety of golf related injuries through manual therapy, soft tissue massage, dry needling, mobility analysis and a prescriptive exercise programme.


Strength and conditioning - programmes formulated for the individual, aimed to rehabilitate current injury, prevent future injury, and improve performance and develop good movement patterns and strengthen the body as a whole.​

Injury Prevention - pre game warm up, and post game stretches, as well as guidance to help improve you golf movement.

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Optimise your performance on the golf course.

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