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I would highly recommend AON physiotherapy. Andrew was able to get to the root of my injury straight away and then developed a plan to deal with the issue. I was pain free a few weeks later after 3 sessions.


Andrew & his team are excellent. They are very professional and accommodating. I felt I was really listened to and my entire life was looked at...not just my injury. 5 stars.


I’ve had persistent lower back trouble for quite some time. Andrew at AON Physiotherapy developed a plan for me which has made a huge difference after 5 weeks. I’d highly recommend AON Physio.


So lucky to have a top class physiotherapist in Co. Clare. Andrew has not only treated a number of small issues relating to swim, bike and run but addressed my weak points and helped strengthen these areas.


Helping you on your road to recovery.

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At AON Physiotherapy we strive to help our clients recover from both chronic pain and acute injuries. Through a thorough assessment, we can get to the source of the problem and give you a clear diagnosis that you will understand. From here we will advise you on the best treatment options and equip you with the tools necessary to lead a pain-free life and ensure optimal performance if you are returning to sport. 

As part of our clinical service, we offer a strong referral network of orthopedic surgeons and medical specialists for multidisciplinary management of more complicated injuries and conditions.

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